SweatCoin – Does it Pay to Walk?
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SweatCoin – Does it Pay to Walk?

So, me and Becky have been using the Sweatcoin app for just over a year now. This is our honest review of the app and what we have got so far out of it. Before we go into the review, I guess it would be good to say what Sweatcoin is.

What Is Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin is a digital currency-based fitness app that tracks and verifies your steps using your smartphone and converts those steps into Sweatcoins.

Just as you would use computer processing power to mine Bitcoin, your daily activity is what generates Sweatcoins. 1,000 outdoor steps is worth 0.95 SWC, and your coins can be exchanged for a variety of prizes and rewards. They have partnered with over 300+ company’s to date and also now working with the NHS to help get people more active.

The app is also completely free to use and is available on Android and IOS devices.

What do you get out of SweatCoin?

Well to put it in simple steps = SweatCoins = Prizes, Offers or even cash. They have also started a crowdfunding option in the app allowing you to support global causes.

The offers change daily, however some of the offers we’ve seen are things like NowTV subscriptions, TVFit Subscriptions, Gym Membership, Headphones and Even trips to Disney World or Paris. Because the offers change daily it’s good to check every day also with the new daily bonus you can increases you total by just watching a few adverts.


How is SweatCoin Funded?

Easy, by brand partners paying them to be featured in the app. Why? Because they want to connect with people like us. They select brands, products, and experiences with us in mind, things that they think we will love.

Also, they’re not the only ones who believe in our steps having value. They are already teaming up with insurance companies and local governments. Health is big business, and it doesn’t come cheap. Insurers and governments spend billions of pounds a year in healthcare costs and payouts, with a lack of physical activity a key contributor in increasing a person’s risk profile. In the UK alone, physical inactivity costs the country £7.4bn each year. Given that Sweatcoin has been shown to increase physical activity, insurers and governments are excited to partner with them and reward healthy behaviour.

So, let’s be honest they not going anywhere soon unlike other apps.

What’s the cost?

The APP is free to download and use, with that you can earn up to 5 Sweatcoins a day. However, for a cost you can earn more the best part is that even then it only costs you sweatcoins. That way you can earn up to 20 Sweatcoins a day so if you walk 20,000+ steps a day like I end up doing most days because of work you soon rack up the coins.

What Do We Think?

Having used it for over a year I think that speaks for itself. We found in the beginning we had a need to max it out each day. However, as time gone on, we just enjoyed having the app running in the background and check it once a day to see the offers and collect our daily bonuses. We bought a few things on there however we are saving up our coins for the bigger items.  The user interface is really easy to use and now that inside steps count you soon rack up the coins. All in all, it’s a great app and fun to use.

How Do We Get the App?

Very simple really its available in the app store and play store. However, if you click our link you also get a signup bonus and will also be supporting the blog.


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SweatCoin – Does it Pay to Walk?

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