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Princess Painting with Ivy-Lily

Good Afternoon

For Christmas this year Ivy-Lily was lucky enough to get a lovely princess painting set for christmas. Today we decided to do some painting so she asked if we could paint her princess. What follows is our review of the product plus some fantastic fun and photos of that.

We have set out a new set of criteria that we will be measuring products by in this post and going forward. We be looking at:

Ease of Use / Setup
Fun Factor


Let’s start with the packaging it’s bright and easy to get into and very appealing to youngsters, our daughter was supper excited by the look of it and wanted to start straight away as soon as we got it out.

Ease of Use / Setup

Once out of the packaging it’s really simple to get started there’s a handy guide to show you what colours to paint the models. There is also a nice story to go along side. The paint pots are a little hard to open but once open they shut fine. We used the lid to mix the paints on I think it would be nice if it came with something to mix the paint in. We also had to use a cup of water to clean the brush.

Fun Factor

Over all we found painting the princess fun however it was a bit fiddly at times. Ultimately they wouldn’t turn out perfect with the supplied paint and brush. But they are priceless because they where painted by my princess. If asked would I buy it, 100% yes its just worth the price to see her smile.


To conclude would we buy it yes. It was fantastic fun there’s a few bits that where not perfect but what can you expect for £14.99. After all it was a fantastic christmas gift that Ivy-Lily had hours of fun doing.

If you would like to get your own set look in the review score panel for current links to suppliers.

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Paint Your Own Glittery Best Friend Princess £14.99
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Product Description

Discover a fairy-tale world of pretty, glittery princess fun inside!

Bring four fairy-tale princesses to life with this fantastic gift set that’s sure to provide hours of fun.

• Fairy-tale princess book
• 4 Princess models
• 6 Paints
• Paintbrush
• Glitter glue
• Playscene

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