Veg Patch 2017
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Our NEW 2017 Veg Patch

Oscar and Ivy-Lily Sorting the Veg Patch Out.

Last year we decide to try and grow our own veg with mixed success. So, for 2017 we are planting less and hopefully we get more. I know that sound odd but last year there was so much veg in our small raised veg patch. They ended up dying because they could not all get sun light.

So, this afternoon my wife went to the local Wyevale Garden Centre and picked up 2 tomato plants, 2 Strawberry Plants (I know the first 2 are technically fruit.) and a packet of carrot seeds.  After I dug the old patch over it was time to get planting.

This year Ivy-lily is old enough to join in. So handing both children kids gradening spade’s and fork I let the mayhem begin. Ivy-lily manged in 5 seconds flat to get more soil on the path then what was left in the raised bed. Oscar however was digging hole just the right size for the plants but then tried to plant the pots as well as the plant.

After a bit of encouragement, I convinced Oscar that the plants needed to come out their pots. Once we had removed the pots and put the soil round. Now came the patting down Oscar managed to pat down everywhere but the around the plant. As for ivy-lily she was now trying to dig the freshly planted tomatoes back up.

We had equally as much fun planting the strawberries however this time Ivy-Lily succeeded in digging one plant up. Once I had replanted the now sorry looking strawberry plant it was time for the carrots.

I decided this time to dig the trench myself and let the children sprinkle the seeds and cover them. All was well until it came to the sprinkling of the seeds, Oscar decided to put each seed in one by one. As for Ivy-Lily she just took one look at the seeds in her hand and dropped them in one spot. After spreading Ivy-Lily’s seeds out a bit more we covered them with soil.

Now the fun part watering them. I went to the kitchen and filled up the watering cans handed them to Oscar and Ivy-Lily, then let them loose on the veg patch. Let’s say the plants must have felt they were in the rainforest during a storm.

So, after that ordeal we await the results. I will keep you all updated on the progress. I’ve attached a few photos of the fun they had this afternoon.  On a very cute note Oscar just came in and asked me how long it will be till the carrots are ready to eat. Bless him.

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