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MAM Self Sterilising Bottles

Free Bottle from MAM

I can’t believe I gave birth nearly 12 weeks ago, bottle feeding really works for me and allows my husband to get involved too which he loves. However, it is a well known fact that a bottle fed baby can often suffers more from trapped wind as they can gulp air through the bottle and take the milk faster than if they were breastfeeding.

The MAM self-sterilising bottles have been working really well for Hector and I believe that he is comfortable after a feed and has little wind to bring up which he does with ease. I believe this is down to a brilliant anti-colic feature that I have not seen in other bottles.

There are ventilation holes in the base of the bottle meaning that the little one hardly swallows any air, the less air swallowed means the less wind and the less discomfort to the baby. Slow flow teats come with these bottles which means less intake of air and less tummy aches for your baby.

These MAM bottles are also self-sterilising, this is something I fine very useful especially when out seeing relatives. All you do is separate the parts of the bottle, pour 20 ml of water into the base, fit it all together loosely as per the instructions and microwave sterilise for three minutes, this self-sterilising feature really couldn’t be simpler. At home we sterilise the bottles in our microwave steriliser as this means we can do multiple bottles at once, this steriliser can also be used as a cold water steriliser which can be good when on holidays as we enjoy camping and will hopefully be going this summer.

If you are bottle feeding, then I recommend that you try these bottles. They provide a comfortable feed for your baby, the self-sterilising feature is not a must-have for when you are at home but is fantastic for when you are out and about.

I think these are brilliantly thought out bottle and is by far one of the best that I have ever used.


Free Bottle from MAM

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I’m Becky the Mum of the family. I am a working mum working within a school. I also like to make the most of the time I spend with my children. I love arts and crafts, I enjoy sharing this passion with my children. I enjoy the great outdoors and baking anything that tastes good.

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