Ivy-Lily Started “Big” School

So this September Ivy-Lily started school, as a parent you worry is she ready? Will she be happy? Will she make friends? Will she cope? The aim of today’s blog post is to address the above and help reassure other that despite our worries they are going to be okay.

Is she ready?

Well this is one question I defiantly knew the answer too. She’s had been going to nursery since she was 6 months old, starting with half a day a week working up to school days for the last 2 years, so being away from us during the day we know she can cope with that. The other fantastic thing is in her final year at nursery they started getting her ready for school, with mock lessons and introducing the same kind of school day to her gradually. Before the summer holidays we also had taster days and then a transition week at her new school, where she attended morning and then the final few days she stayed for lunch. During that whole week she got on so well and loved it. So, Septembers here and she started school, to her it was quite normal we had smiles every morning and happy stories of what she done at school pick up.

Will she be happy?

Simple answer to this was we found out she be fine during transition week, she couldn’t wait to go into school in the morning and was full of stories of what she got up to at pick up. She re-confirmed this on her first full day of school in September when she went into the playground and starts playing with her new friends and is full of smiles.

Will she make friends?

Yes she made friends really quickly which to be honest was no surprise because when she was at nursery she was the life and soul of the class. It’s lovely to walk into the playground and see her start playing with children in her class and when she gets home she loves to tell me about who she played with during the day.

Will she cope?

Honestly if the last few weeks are to go by then I have no worries, I know if she needs anything at playtime her brother is at the school to help her. The best part is that Ivy is his world at school and home which is fantastic. I guess the real answer will be in a few months’ time. So I’ll re-visit this question in an update blog post in a few months’ time.


So for now I couldn’t be happier with how she’s getting on and I’m so proud of my not so little girl. If you want to see daily updates of Ivy’s hairstyle for school check our Instagram.


Till next time todays blog post is done!!


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Ivy-Lily Started School

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