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Today’s a Big Day for Oscar – First Park Visit Since His Heart Surgery

I know for some going to the park all be it fun is not really a big thing. However, for us today was a big day becauase Oscar had a pacemaker fitted as part of his Heart Surgery. So, for the past 3 odd weeks he’s not been allowed to jump or climb. This is just in case he dislodges the cables to his heart. Now it’s been 3 week they should be secured by tissue that grows around them in the heart.

Where Oscars Great Auntie and Uncle live, they have a lovely park thats never that crowded. So, we paid them a visit and suggested maybe going down to the park. It’s a nice walk overlooking the river Orwell the only problem it’s a bit hilly in places. Because of this it’s no good taking a pushchair. Not that the children minded as Oscar call’s it they got a shoulder carry.

Once at the park Oscar was a bit hesitant at first but once we told him it was okay  he was off to the first slide he could see, followed by his sister Ivy-Lily. He had a great time and is asking if we can go to the park again tomorrow. We must wait and see about tomorrow but I’m sure it not be long before we got the park again.

As ever we had our camera with us so here’s some photos of the day.

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Today’s a Big Day for Oscar – First Park Visit Since His Heart Surgery

by @iDadGB