Sunflower Planting – Oscars Gardening Adventures

This Weeks instalment of our Gardening Adventures is about Oscar’s Sunflowers. A few years ago, when we lived at our old house we grew sunflowers. Oscar enjoyed seeing them grow. So, we decided to give it a go again this year.

So, when the kids where painting the other day we got them to decorate a plant pot each. Now that they are dry it was time to plant the sun flowers. So, off out into the garden we go.

Once I got the compost out and opened the bag. I gave Oscar his little trowel and he filled the pots up. Now it was time to plant the seeds. He had to plant 3 seeds in his pot and cover them over. He got the pushing them into the soil part. But when it came to covering them he decided to just put one more trowel of compost on top of them.

He then had to water them. So, off he goes with his little watering can to fill it up. He then proceeds to flood the pot. As with the vegetables we planted last week he kept coming back to the pot all day. To see if they began to grow. I told him it takes a few weeks before he will see anything. We will keep you all updated on how they are doing. I’ve attached a few photos of the fun we had.

Products We Used

Twigz Childrens Gardening Tools 0801 Hand Tools

‘Extra Large’ Mini Terracotta Plant Pots Pack of 10 – Size – 11.5 cm x 13 cm x 7 cm

Suttons Seeds 141061 Sunny Sunflower Seed

Sunflower Gallery

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  1. Currently growing some with my son (or trying to). Great way to get outside and learn! Good luck with yours – hope you get some big ones!

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Sunflower Planting – Oscars Gardening Adventures

by @iDadGB