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Good Evening

The Kids are in bed so its time to blog. Today we had family visit so its been a busy day for us all. But we still find time for reading and phonics practices. A really good friend of ours bought us the complete collection of read with Biff, Chip & Kipper by Oxford Reading Tree books. Theses are the same style of books Oscar uses at school. So with the advice of his teacher we started using the phonics books and level 1 book with him and getting him to try segmenting and blending words. Which I will add he’s doing great and is really enjoying learning.

I know some people believe you should give children a break from learning in half terms. However Oscar loves learning and as long a he still wants to we will encourage it. Hopefully it will get him in the right mindset to do homework and not be like me when I was at school, (do it on the way to school).

If you like to find out more about the books we using or get yourself a copy. Why not try our friends over at the book people.

Buy Now: Read With Biff, Chip & Kipper 

Currently: £17.99 for 33 Books

Also Check out this great video to help learn phonics.


Look out for other posts in this series of half term learning that we get upto. In the meantime ill leave you with oscars current favourite song. The Count to a 100 song from youtube.

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Reading – Half Term Blog Series

by @iDadGB