Painting Fun – How Much Mess :)

I know blog posts have been a bit thin on the ground this week. That because I find it hard to post to the blog when I’m working. However on I really wanted to share with you guys is how much the kids love painting.

The other day between my day and night shifts the kids asked to do some painting. I honestly dread that request. Because it always ends up with one of them getting paint in there hair or them trying to eat it. However I know how much they enjoy it. So out comes the painting table cloth. The kids painting aprons. The poster paints and pots. Well lets say yes they did make a mess but this time it was so fun. I didn’t mind :). One of the really fun ways they like to paint is with there hands. Ivy-lily really good at it 🙂 she picks the brush up paints her had then places it on the paper.

Anyway I’ve attached a gallery of photos showing the fun we had.

I have also started to put links to the items we use. So if you like anything you see please use our links. It helps support the running of the blog.

Products Used

Scola Artmix 6 x 600 ml Paint (Coloured)

Children’s Mini Non-Spill Paint Pots- pack of 6

Melissa & Doug Large Paint Brush Set With 4 Kids’ Paint Brushes

Gallery – Painting

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Painting Fun – How Much Mess :)

by @iDadGB