Oscars 1st Wobbly Tooth & The Tooth Fairy

Afternoon Everyone, I just had a phone call from Becky on the way home from picking the kids up from school, The first thing I hear after the hello is Oscar shouting I have a wobbly tooth. He sounded so excited about it. This will be his first wobbly tooth, this opened up the age-old question of the tooth fairy.

Growing up I loved the tooth fairy as I get some kind of reward for losing a tooth, which when your young can actually be a little scary. So the thought of placing it under your pillow and get 10p or a pound in the morning was cool. So why the age-old question and what is that question. Simple put does she exist for our children and if she does how much is the tooth worth.

Let’s answer the first question.

Does the tooth fairy exist for our children?

Put simply yes I think its a fantastic way of dealing with the sometimes scary fact of losing your milk teeth as a child. I know many children struggle to understand that despite them losing a tooth there is a new one on the way. They worry that they’ll not have any teeth left and how they going to chew there food. As adults, we know this not to be true. But children don’t always get that. So having someone magical coming along to collect their teeth and give them something in return helps ease the pain and worry. I was also told as a child that she casts a spell to help the new tooth grow quickly to replace the old one. I found it a comfort I think I’d like to continue this on for my children.

How much is the tooth worth?

Now, this is a question. I recently read a news article from 2015 talking about what the going rate was. I was shocked to read that 1 in 10 children received £10 a tooth. It also spoke about the going rate is an average of £2.60. This got me asking since when did the tooth fairy get a going rate, why are some kids getting £10 for a tooth, surely that gets unsustainable if you have a large family like us. So am I being tight if I only give 10p or we getting hung up on price and the missing the point? I feel that we are missing the point because its meant to be a reward that eases the pain of losing a tooth and not a money-making excise for your children. So I am going to give Oscar some money but I’m not going to say here. I guess you just have to watch out on social media for that update.

If your interested in reading that news article, here’s a link to the daily mirror article.

Till next time take care and keep checking back to read more blog posts.

Written by @iDadGB

Hi I’m Dan, the Dad of the family I have 3 beautiful children Oscar, Ivy-Lily and Hector. I’m a shift worker so on my days off I like nothing more than spending time with my family. I have got a real passion for technology, the great outdoors and cooking.

I have been running this blog since feb 2017. However the short time the blog has been online i have been designing and hosting websites for over 10 years.


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