Hector at One

Today Hector is one, at the time of writing this we at his cake smash photoshoot with our good friend Victoria from Capturing Shots Photography (Facebook Page) Its going to get messy.

So let’s go back to this morning. We spent a some time last night getting everything ready. Hector comes down, we were hoping he would be super excited about all his presents hidden in his brand new ball pit and the only thing he’s interested in is the balloons.

When we finally got him interested in his presents it was a magical, he was so excited to see all the nice presents everyone had got him.

Back to now we had some lovely group photos and now its time for the main event. The cakes out and Hectors just picking the chocolate off the top. Victoria has just got a spoon out and broken into the top of the cake and away he goes there is cake going everywhere.

Tonight we going out for dinner with friends to our favourite restaurant with an attached play area. We are really looking forward to sharing Hectors 1st Birthday with all our friends and family.

When we get the photoshoot photos we will post them as a update blog post. Till next time have fun, now back to clearing up the mess and enjoying the rest of the day with Hector.

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Hector at One

by @iDadGB