Dad’s Fuss Free Pizza’s. (Serves: 2 Adults & 2 Children)

One the best evening we have in our house is pizza night. As Oscar is dairy free we cannot just order take-out. So, we make them. If you like to make your own without all the fuss, follow our fuss free recipe.

This Recipe makes 4 small pizzas or 2 large pizzas (if you don’t split to dough in half.) or a combination f the two.


2 x       Tesco Round Pizza Dough (280g)
100g    Lactofree Grated Cheddar
100g    Tomato and Herb Pizza Topper
100g    Tesco Everyday Value Sliced Cooked Chicken
100g     Cooked Ham Slices 
1            Red Pepper (Sliced)
40g      Mixed Olives (Sliced)
25g       Sweetcorn

You may want to add other topping

5 Step Process

  1. Preheat oven 220°C/Fan 200°C/ Gas 7.
  2. Split dough in half and shape into smaller bases. and prick with a fork
  1. Spread the tomato paste over the base then cover base with the Lactofree Grated Cheddar
  2. Roughly place torn chicken,Sliced Ham, Red pepper slices, the Sliced Olives and Sweetcorn on top and bake for 15-20 minutes or until the edges turn to a golden colour.
  3. Remove from oven and enjoy!!!

Written by @iDadGB

Hi I’m Dan, the Dad of the family I have 3 beautiful children Oscar, Ivy-Lily and Hector. I’m a shift worker so on my days off I like nothing more than spending time with my family. I have got a real passion for technology, the great outdoors and cooking.

I have been running this blog since feb 2017. However the short time the blog has been online i have been designing and hosting websites for over 10 years.


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