Crafty Fun – Masks

This morning has consisted of cleaning and tidying the same as every morning. We then did something a lot more fun and a lot messier.

Crafts – Masks

I did a little trip to the Works the other day and picked up loads of craft things, we have lots of different bits to keep them happy over this half term.

Oscar decided that today we would make masks. We got the templates out of the pack and the both decided after a little attempt that colouring them in would take to long. Ivy quickly got the glue and started sticking things onto her mask, Oscar joined in without hesitation.









While waiting for the masks to dry we got out the slime :). Ivys slime was glittery and had a unicorn in, while Oscars was green and extra slimy. They played for nearly an hour with their slime. Using lots of descriptive word like squishy, blob and squelch. They had tons of fun.


















The masks dried and the elastic was put on and now Ivy and Oscar were butterfly super hero and have been running around in them since then.

Written by @iMumGB

I’m Becky the Mum of the family. I am a working mum working within a school. I also like to make the most of the time I spend with my children. I love arts and crafts, I enjoy sharing this passion with my children. I enjoy the great outdoors and baking anything that tastes good.


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