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  • Veg Patch 201710
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    Our NEW 2017 Veg Patch

    Last year we decide to try and grow our own veg with mixed success. So, for 2017 we are planting less and hopefully we get more. I know that sound odd but last year there was so much veg in our small raised veg patch. They ended up dying because they could not all get […] More

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    Photo Fun – Flatford Mill

    We love capturing our trips out. So me or my wife often take loads of photos when we out. These normally just end up sitting on the memory card till we transfer them to long term storage on the server in the house. I often think this is a shame. But if I was to […] More

  • Water Beads
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    Water Beads

    Just a quick blog post about Water Beads. We have seen loads of videos on YouTube of people doing extreme things with water beads. We decided to not do anything on the scale of that. However, we do think they can be great fun. So we filled and a water balloon with some and then […] More

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    Boxes Make the Best Toys

    I don’t know if you find that your children get more excited about the box their new toy came in then the toy itself. Whenever we get a delivery from amazon no sooner have I removed the item from the packing box I find ivy-lily or Oscar in it pretending it’s a boat, car or […] More