Row, Row, Row your Boat
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Boxes Make the Best Toys

I don’t know if you find that your children get more excited about the box their new toy came in then the toy itself. Whenever we get a delivery from amazon no sooner have I removed the item from the packing box I find ivy-lily or Oscar in it pretending it’s a boat, car or rocket ship.

I think this is great as there using their imagination. They pretend they in a boat on a river and they must watch out for the crocodiles or that it is the pirate ship and their pirates about to find the buried treasure.

Just the other day they were playing at their grandparents pretending to be robots. Chasing their grandad shouting exterminate. Glad to see they’re Doctor Who fans just like there dad.

So, next time you’re stuck for what to get your children save your money and just buy your kids a packing box and see how much fun they will have.


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Written by @iDadGB

Hi I’m Dan, the Dad of the family I have 3 beautiful children Oscar, Ivy-Lily and Hector. I’m a shift worker so on my days off I like nothing more than spending time with my family. I have got a real passion for technology, the great outdoors and cooking.

I have been running this blog since feb 2017. However the short time the blog has been online i have been designing and hosting websites for over 10 years.


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