About Us

Hi and welcome to our blog. We are just a normal family of 4 that enjoy sharing our experiences. This blog is an extension along with our twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube channel.


Dan (Daddy)
Hi I’m Dan the Dad of the family I have 2 beautiful children Oscar and Ivy-Lily. I’m a shift worker so on my days off I like nothing more than spending time with my kids.  I’ve got a real passion for technology, the great outdoors and cooking.



Becky (Mummy)
I’m Becky the Mum of the family. I am a working mother that also works shift
like my husband. So I like to make the most of the time I spend with my children. I love arts and crafts, I enjoy sharing this passion with my children. I also enjoy the great outdoors and baking.



This is Oscar our 4yr old son, He is our oldest child he has a heart condition but he does not let this limit him. He loves nothing more than to play with his sister, He loves playing outside in the garden. He also loves technology and can spend a good hour or so playing with is OSMO learning Games or Tiggly Maths.




This is Ivy-Lily our daughter she’s nearly 2 years old. She loves to play with her big brother chasing him around the house. She also loves playing with her dollies, she’s just learning to talk and loves nothing more than chatting.