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    Crafty Fun – Masks

    This morning has consisted of cleaning and tidying the same as every morning. We then did something a lot more fun and a lot messier. Crafts – Masks I did a little trip to the Works the other day and picked up loads of craft things, we have lots of different bits to keep them […] More

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    Cosatto Giggle Pram

    Cosatto Giggle Pram I love this pram. It is the best one I have had by far and I have gone through many with the first two. It is easy to use. Open and closes with ease and can be done one handed. This Pram is light weight which makes it easy to get in […] More

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    Easter Fun – Chocolate and More

    Today has been just me and the kids 🙂 (Dads at work). Oscar, Ivy and Myself decided to make some easter nest cakes, Ivy and Oscar were so excited to get started. We sat at the kitchen table and they both got to open one of their easter eggs. Smiles all around when Oscar saw […] More

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    Partyman World of Play

    We spent a large amount of yesterday in soft play at Partyman world with our 3 kids, there was loads for them to do. The smaller area was great and that’s where they started playing, with a small ball pit and slide and plenty of things to climb over, they spent a good 10 minuets […] More

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    MAM Self Sterilising Bottles

    I can’t believe I gave birth nearly 12 weeks ago, bottle feeding really works for me and allows my husband to get involved too which he loves. However, it is a well known fact that a bottle fed baby can often suffers more from trapped wind as they can gulp air through the bottle and […] More

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    12 Weeks Old

    Sorry for the long pause in our posts. So 2018 bring a change to our family with the birth of Hector our beautiful baby boy. I wanted to write this blog post sooner but we been so busy I have not had time. I have so many new products we been using to review I […] More