12 Weeks Old

Sorry for the long pause in our posts. So 2018 bring a change to our family with the birth of Hector our beautiful baby boy. I wanted to write this blog post sooner but we been so busy I have not had time.

I have so many new products we been using to review I guess this blog will hopefully grow into what I hoped it would be last year. As for the family the kids are loving the addition of a baby brother. Oscar is so proud of him and wants to help as much as he can. That includes wanting to feed him, but for some reason he don’t want to help change Hector’s nappy. I can’t blame him :). As soon as Hector cry’s Ivy’s the first one there talking to him and telling him it’s all okay, 🙂 and trying to fix what wrong, bless her. We do have to watch both of them as they think Hector needs lots of blankets and can’t understand that he may get a bit hot.

We hope to get back to posting more now.

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12 Weeks Old

by @iDadGB